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    Custom Cake Packaging Boxes

    Custom Printed Cake boxes are perfect for your customers to transport cakes, pies and other groceries from your store safely. You can make a minimum order of 100 units and design them completely to your liking with multiple colors, a logo or patterns. In addition, they include a very resistant handle.

    Cake boxes Wholesale

    Cake boxes are collapsible and designed to be in direct contact with food. These are customize-able with a wide range of printing options. Each custom cake box is also very easy to assemble, securing the fragile cakes and pastries inside. The box can always be adjusted to the needs of your product. We develop together your custom boxes with logo for wholesale and retail, and turn your ideas into an attractive and effective product.
    Surprise everyone with a very nice and original cake packaging. Classic cake box, does not need adhesive and is mounted on a parqueted. Decorated with a black ribbon, a card and an adhesive label. Perfect as wholesale  cake boxes for stores! Your cakes will look much more.

    Cardboard Cake Packaging Boxes

    The cake boxes are made of sturdy cardboard, fold and assemble easily, and their materials are designed to come into contact with food. All include a handle to carry them comfortably. In addition, you can customize them to the fullest with a design as cake boxes with window for display or a mini cake box with attractive color image. You just have to get in touch with our team, tell them exactly what idea you have in mind, and they will manufacture a cardboard cake packaging according to your needs.


    You can order your cake boxes wholesale today and try this new packaging among your customers. Above all, we are sure that they will have great success and that they will not go unnoticed among consumers. The minimum order is 100 units, and the good news? We do not add shipping rates for USA. In the same way, you can make a new order with the same design in just one click, since this is saved in the online editor. This will save you time and take better planning of your packaging.

    Cake Boxes with window

    Cake boxes with logo can be customized as much as you want. In addition, If you have doubts about how to create a design, our team will be at your disposal to help you choose the options that best suit your products. If you want to get an elegant touch for different types, you can print your mini cake boxes or black cake boxes with window and add a small white logo or bright tones.Moreover, You can also print a pattern along all your cake boxes with your logo or use the space to add your contact information. Therefore,your customers will identify your store and your brand easily. You can also add different finishes such as relief, UV varnish, hot stamping, an additional gloss or matte sheet, etc. Cake boxes wholesale will also serve as an advertising “showcase” for your company.

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