Delivery Policy®  offers two delivery plans for the orders to the customers. Start of both the timelines commence from when the customers approves the “FINAL PRODUCTION APPROVAL SHEET” and not from the time of order placement.

  1. Standard Turnaround
  2. Rush Turnaround

Standard Turnaround

This plan takes 10-12 business days normally for the order to be delivered to the customers’ given address. This plan is FREE and we do not charge customers anything for the shipment. Services that Urgent Packagings uses for shipment and delivery are DHL and FedEx unless there is any third party delivery involved at certain postcodes and mailing address.

Rush Turnaround

This plan takes 6-8 business days for the order to be delivered to the customers’ given address. This package/plan involves an additional expedite fee which ranges from 10%-25% of the total order amount depending upon the nature of the product and production technicalities involved. DHL and FedEx are the usual services for this delivery plan. We do not offer Rush Turnaround to the postcodes or mailing addresses where any third party delivery is involved.

Important Information

Both the standard and rush turnarounds are discussed with the customers over email and phone and confirmed on “FINAL PRODUCTION APPROVAL SHEET”. The company takes no responsibility if the customer shares a wrong address while placing order and later the package is lost or misplaced. Customers need to be very careful while sharing the delivery details and while approving the “FINAL PRODUCTION APPROVAL SHEET” as the company strictly follows the instructions approved by the customers. If in case, there is any fault at the company’s end or it fails to deliver what was promised to the customers in the “FINAL PRODUCTION APPROVAL SHEET”, the company will give an adjustment for the order or a refund as deemed reasonable.

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