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Why Cardboard boxes are Essential in 2019?

Cardboard Boxes are industrially ready-made boxes, used for the packaging of different products. Most of the cardboard boxes can also be recycled. Material used in cardboard boxes is 100% environment-friendly. It comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Use of cardboard boxes are increasing day by day. Because almost every product is now packed in a beautiful box. These boxes are also used to represent brand identity on them. Brands and companies print their information on them in stylish way. These design catch the attraction of customers.

In this article we will discuss how cardboard boxes have changed our daily life needs. Some of the common usage of these boxes are:

Cardboard boxes

Product Protection:

Cardboard Boxes plays an important role in protection of our product. Corrugated cardboard boxes are best for fragile products. Corrugated boxes is basically a sandwich of two sheets, and between these sheets there is flute like paper. This flute act as a cushion to sensitive products. These boxes are also known as shipping boxes. Because they are used to ship retail products from one place to another. Manufacturers of high-tech products used these boxes to ship their products overseas.

Almost 80% industries in USA now use cardboard boxes to pack their products. These boxes hold products steady and firm while also give them protection from breaking.


Keep Food Fresh:

About 60% of the material produced is dedicated to the Food industry. Beverages companies used these cardboard boxes to store juice, boxes keep this juice fresh. They are also used to store Frozen Foods. Cereals was the first food product which stored in boxes. Sealing dry cereals in boxes help extend their expiry dates. Also make it appear more attractive and appealing to customers. Corrugated cardboard packaging keeps food safer, too.

Restaurants also use these cardboard boxes for delivery purpose. Boxes keep their food warm and fresh while deliver it to the customers. Restaurants information can also be printed on these boxes.

Reduce Waste:

In most cases, cardboard boxes can be easily recycle for various use. Boxes can be used to reused to build cat houses, magazine holders, playing forts and bird feeders. Nintendo has released its cardboard built in game, this game is fully customized and developed with cardboard material. This is to reduce the wastage of the cardboard. This is another main reason they are most popular among most of the companies in USA. When you are done using these boxes, you can built something to have fun or as a holder for you house hold goods.


Cardboard Boxes are also act as a shelters for homeless people. Structure of these shelters are meant to be a short-term solution until the person got any permanent place to live. These shelters may not be weather resistant but still they make a lot of difference. These cardboard shelters can also be used in emergency shelters as a home. They are not very big but large enough to fulfill someone need for a time being. Some companies are giving out these shelters to migrants. As we know that hundreds or thousands of migrants are moving every year. Cardboard is used in order to provide shelter for them. It is also very cost-effective.

Cardboard Box


Cardboard boxes are best for advertising purpose. High technology machines are used to print those boxes. Company information and design print on those boxes to make them look more beautiful. These designs are stylish and catchy. Also very important when it comes to generate more sales and revenue. Customer attracted to these designs and buy products. More the design will be good more there will be chance of their sales. Companies are conscious about their advertising campaign print on boxes, because it will be the first thing user interact with. They have their own designers or also consult with some packaging companies to set the layout of design.


Cardboard boxes have also revolutionize the shipping process. As they are light weight and cost effective so it will be easier for companies to ship their products in them. Another feature which makes them effective is protection. Cushioning feature used in corrugated cardboard boxes are good for protection. Many industries who manufacture fragile products use them. So that they will not break while shipping from one place to another. Shipping of these boxes are very easy. There are many sizes available in the market. From to large every product have their own different size box.

Packaging industry nowadays are growing in a large number. Giving their customers quality packaging service. As I have mentioned earlier that industries are very conscious about their packaging. So they always run towards those who give high quality services. This is how their boxes stand out of the crowd in market. There are large number of high quality machinery used in order to manufacture and print those boxes. Special inks are used in printing process. PMS and CMYK are both famous. Which coloring technique to use in printing will depend upon the design.



Another important factor about products is their packaging. Presentation of the brand in a right and stylish way is best when it comes to catch consumer’s attention. Custom Boxes with the presentation of your logo plays and important role when it comes to generate more sales and revenue from cardboard boxes. High Quality technology is used to print those boxes in order to get High Quality results. More the Box will look beautiful more it will be helpful to catch an attention of customers. Therefore, Brands nowadays are running towards Custom Printed Boxes to make their product stand out of the crowd.


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