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Top Business Cards Rules

They are actually essential to carry everywhere with you because it provides an easy way of letting others know about you. Also let other to get in touch with you, and is most effective way if we compared it with digital contact exchange. So we can say that Business card is the thing which digital can never be replaced. They typically include the person’s name, e-mail address, phone number, website and company name on them. Almost every Business professional need them. There are certain rules to design the 2”x3.25” Business card, so that it will look more authentic and convey information to others in professional way. As it is hard to talk about all of them so some of them are mentioned below.

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Important Information:

It is necessary to include only most important information on the card. I have seen many cards with social network profile, sales pitch and other irrelevant information list. If someone this kind of excessive information on their cards they might lose clients attention.  Business should look simple and professional. One must use only enough information on cards to develop interest of client without making his or her head spin.

Always be selective when designing business cards. When you are handing your business card to someone you are giving them a reason to follow up with you or a call to action. That is why this reason must be good enough to maintain their interest towards your business or brand.

Make it look Professional:

Avoid using funky fonts on business card, your business cards aren’t the right place for them. Fonts shouldn’t be too small and funky. Because this kind of feature doesn’t give cards professional look, and also making them hard for others to read. And funky fonts using on Business cards aren’t going to leave good impression on clients towards your company. Using simple and sleek fonts on your business card will show that you have actually took the time to design and print out your cards.

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Think of an event where everyone is exchanging their cards to each other and you have that one funky which is also unprofessional. It will leave you embarrassed and put a bad impact on your business. Unfortunately, this is going to be separate you from others in a bad way. So always be creative and professional when choosing business card for yourself or your brand.

Brand Impression:

Business card is a physical object that carry a potential information about your Brand. Also represent your brand to the real world. When designing Business card, main goal it to make it memorable. Memorable business card does it more than just pass on email address and phone number. Obviously because when someone is making connection via business card, they do not want their brand to be represent as a word cheap. First impression about your brand is also be the last impression. Representing your brand professionally will leave a great impression and also act as ice breaker. A unique Business card with good representation of brand will always fuel the conversation even further.



Another important factor about these products is their packaging. Presentation of the brand in a right and stylish way is best when it comes to catch client’s attention. Custom Boxes with the presentation of your logo plays and important role when it comes to attract companies. Business cards are also helpful in marketing purpose, as brands are using their identity and design printed on it. High Quality technology is used to print those Business Card Boxes in order to get High Quality results. More the Box will look beautiful more it will be helpful to catch an attention of customers. Therefore, Brands nowadays are running towards Custom Printed Boxes to make their product stand out of the crowd.


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