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Top 3 Candles Types For All Your Needs

Candles are made of wax or other solid substances use to provide light. Or in some cases, candles also provide different fragrances. They are a good alternative when there is a power cut or when there is no source of basic electric lights.  Candles are not only used in the modern era but also in ancient times. Back to days when there was no source for electric lights, candles are the best thing to provide lights and heat both at the same time. People used light lamps before candles, these light lamps contains liquid fluid which helps them to burn. These liquid light lamps have a tendency to spill so in order to end this solution candle came in market.

Earliest candles manufactured in 200 BC in China. These early candles were made of whale fat, but later on, new invention came and people started manufacturing it from wax. There is a study that in 18th and 19th-century candles are manufactured from waxy substance came from whale sperm, superior and burn long-lasting than the other one. Also brighter and gave no bad smells.

For a candle to burn, the heat source is used to light the wick or string on the candle. This wick is on the top of the candle merged in the wax. When the wick lighted wax started melting slowly also vaporizes a small amount of fuel. As the candle is burned wax will be meted and candle becomes shorter with the passage of time. Wick, on the other hand, consumed in the flame. There are several types of candles for different events or festivals. We will only discuss some of the best candles in these articles.

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Candle Pots/Soy Candles:

This candle has two benefits. First, it comes in a beautiful jar and second it is highly scented. Candle pots are very popular because they are best for home as well as offices use. This candle will keep you tension free for keeping an eye on burning candle or hot wax melted from candles while burning. They are not poured out rather they sit in the jar and poured directly into the container, which means that you don’t have to worry about the candle popping out. Also, you don’t have to worry about looking for extra candle holders. Soy candles come with a lid, which makes them very easy to store anywhere in the house. Also, prevent them from releasing their scent while they are not lit.

This candle is highly scented, you can smell its scent when burning all over the room. The packaging of this candle is so stylish can go with any type of decor. These candles are of different sizes, color, and scents. You can easily find them in your local store.

Flameless Candles:

Flameless candles are different from normal candles we usually see in our stores. They are basically battery operated. Also, these type of candles is very popular in modern days, as there isn’t any tension of starting a fire at home when you use them. Most people prefer these candles in houses rather than using wax candles. They do not produce any smoke or heat but a great source of light. These battery operated candles burn in such a way which makes them similar to the wax candles. And can also give them a natural look.

There are several candles in the market which are programmed in such a way that they turned on automatically. They are time control, you just need to set on/off time on them and rest of the work they will do automatically. Others candles come with remote control. You can operate these candles with remote like, on and off them with remote whenever you want. And also you can change the color of these candles as of your choice. Houses with younger ones mostly prefer these type of candles because they are non-hazardous.

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Pillar Candles:

If you want to waste your time looking for separate candle holders and want long lasting burning candle then pillar candles are the best option for you. These candles are best for those who don’t want to own separate candle holders. They come in different weight, height, and scents. Some of the pillar candles are so large that they have one or more wicks in them. It is great to make sure that you are getting enough light to light your room. It is also very important to place these pillar candles on a heat-resistant surface so that it will not damage the surface when lit. Another thing which is very important is to keep an eye on them because they are not in protective jars and can easily be knocked when someone is not paying attention to them.

With the passage of time, this industry is grown by large numbers. Every day industries are manufacturing hundreds and thousands of candle to meet the consumer’s requirement. Because these candles now become an important thing for any event. If it’s a Christmas or you are having a long family dinner. You will see different styles of beautiful candles everywhere. They are not only giving a beautiful scent but also play an important role as a decoration piece. Nowadays there are different style and size of candles are available in the market. These styles are attracting customer’s attention. With this feature, candles came to the market as more of the decorative item.


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