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    Perfume Boxes:

    Packaging of a perfume is as important as its smell. Discover the keys to choose your Custom perfume boxes. Choosing the right cardboard box for perfumes is not only crucial to maintain the illusion effect in delivering such a personal gift. But, also to ensure that the product arrives safely to its recipient. The use of appropriate packaging for the product is one of the keys to the success of traditional companies and online stores.

    To give a perfume and get it right, you first have to know very well the person to whom you are going to deliver it, because that aroma will become the hallmark. Equally personal are the jewels, so in both cases choosing a suitable packaging is important for the success of a commercial strategy. Cardboard boxes should be tailored, of the appropriate size and format (cases, elongated, square, rectangular boxes) that best fits the high quality product both in terms of strength and print quality. Whatever the packaging, you have to find the ideal perfume box, even customize it to put the icing on the surprise. Printing, ties, felt, washi tapes, labels and any small detail will give that personal and unique touch with which you will not fail.

    Perfume Boxes for wholesale

    For perfumes, which are usually contained in glass jars, it is advisable to use a corrugated double wall box and even more so if it is to be sent by mail or parcel. It is the best solution to keep the perfume safe during the process.

    But cardboard boxes can also present the perfume in a personalized way. The use of custom boxes of a single wall is a great idea if the perfume goes directly from the store to the hands of the person to give.

    These small cardboard boxes must be made to measure and therefore you can choose from a wide variety of colors and textures that identify the brand of perfume with the ideals you want to represent. From the natural kraft texture to a solid white or a completely colored box, the combinations are almost endless. Personalization influences the final result in such a way that it is not only a key element in transport and storage, but it can also be a marketing and corporate communication tool that transfers company values ​​to the user (sustainability, commitment to the environment ) in addition to the logo and other elements of visual identity.

    The look of your perfume packaging

    A perfume bottle without a label looks cheap and a perfume packaging with a bad print will be sold poorly. When buying, the consumer must get a good feeling; the idea that he or she is buying something valuable and exclusive. When a brand does not pay attention to sufficient presentation and appearance, the customer in the store will opt for the competitor’s perfume packaging which looks better.
    With the printing of the box you can show whether the perfume is for a man or woman, cool or charming, romantic or ‘mysterious’. The consumer, often unconsciously, makes the choice based on the appearance of your packaging. In short; the cardboard packaging is even more important than the bottle that is in it.

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