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    Custom Makeup Boxes

    It is time for you to increase your market position with highly customized makeup boxes. Many manufacturers use high-tech custom cosmetic boxes.And try to differentiate their products among others of the same type. These custom boxes with logo add some form of glamour and attraction to the product. Buyers are motivated in some way to buy your product when its packaging is good. You can also give an artistic touch to these boxes, making them made with the charming styles. Creating custom makeup boxes requires expert services. Customers can still add any suggestions to make the result more accurate.

    Do not forget in a hurry that buyers do not have the opportunity to see what is inside the packaging. They draw interviews of the packaging style you use. So, this is an opportunity for me to tell you what the product really looks like. Customizing your makeup boxes is representation of the quality . For example, if cosmetic products are made for teenage girls, you can use custom boxes with logo decorated with leopard or polka dot themes. This would cause the product to receive a positive response from buyers. Customizing your makeup boxes allows you to create any type of design or add any feature you want.

    Custom Cosmetic Packaging

    Customized makeup boxes for bases, eye shadows and makeup kits play an important role in the end of a cosmetic brand. This is why most of the leading brands in the cosmetic business line are always ahead of their competitors. They ensure that everything related to their brands, from the product to the packaging, meets the requirements of the buyer. It is very obvious that artistic make-up boxes have the ability to make their product range similar to that of consumers.

    What should be  the procedure to follow when designing Cosmetic Packaging Boxes?

    When a customer, whether a company or an individual, contacts us because they need a custom cardboard packaging for their product.The procedure is always the same, we carry out a prior consultation on what type of products will be packaged in the possible packaging. Once identified What type of product are the ones that need to be packaged, the determination of what type of box model, gram-age and measurements are necessary for the manufacture of custom cosmetic boxes will be taken.

    Once these checks have been carried out and we have the packing measurements, we will prepare a prototype with the exact measurements taken above and the product will be checked to ensure that it is perfectly placed and fitted inside the new cardboard box and after this verification test will go to the manufacture of the new custom cosmetic packaging.

    In the event that the customer is hundreds or thousands of kilometers from our facilities does not matter the procedure is the same, when the prototype of the new box has been made, we send it to the customer to perform these checks and once confirmed that the measurements are correct, we will go on to manufacture the new custom boxes.


    Each cosmetic brand shows its value proposition differently. Each of their products are inimitable, exclusive, and are designed to enhance the personality of each client. In cosmetics, the design of the product is very important. That is why, it must capture the attention of  client through senses such as smell and VISTA. And this is where the packaging begins to take a decisive role for sales. Urgent Packagings has thought about it, and created boxes for cosmetics capable of showing the full potential of your brand. It is the perfect cosmetic packaging boxes to stand out in any shop window. And, it can be customized to the maximum with a logo and your corporate colors. In this section we present the cosmetic boxes best valued by our on to find the one that best suits your brand and your products.

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