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    Why To Choose Custom Chocolate Boxes?

    What’s more original than offering chocolates in a personalized box entirely to your choice of colors? These custom chocolate boxes are ideal for wrapping chocolates, candies, candied chestnuts . But also more generally boxes for a gift wrapping , presents at end of the year or for sale to take away … Available in several sizes, and in different media, such as cardboard, the printed chocolate box is a safe bet!

    Chocolate is probably the most popular sweet snack in the world. It is part of our daily life in its innumerable forms like chocolate bar, assortment of chocolates and hot chocolate cup.

    Because of its intrinsic characteristics related to its conservation, chocolate box packaging is just as important as the chocolate itself. 

    Today, the growing sensitivity to the health issues.Food has affected chocolate production. It thus takes less the form of an industrial mass product and more that of a refined product.

    This is also why many chocolate manufacturers have invested again in their chocolate and packaging.

    From minimalist cardboard boxes to packaging with photographs to chocolate packaging with detonating colors and abstract patterns, there are many possibilities to transform each chocolate package into an exclusive product.

    Chocolate Box Packaging plays a major role for your customers. It allows to present your product in an aesthetic way and to protect the chocolate against the cold, the heat, the loss of flavor.
    From the classic chocolate packaging to the most original, we offer you all packaging solutions.

    How Chocolate Gift Boxes helps for advertising and branding?

    Chocolates with your logo are among the most popular advertising goodies in USA.Because this sweet advertising touches our senses – in many ways. In addition to the tactile experience, Chocolate gift Boxes are offered in chic personalized packaging, give off a seductive smell.We know it from our earliest childhood, and offer an incomparable taste experience. This multi-sensory fireworks is why custom chocolate boxes is an integral part of any marketing service and explains that it is used successfully in countless advertising campaigns. Sweet advertising acts as a stimulant and a source of energy for workshops, meetings and conferences. Small chocolates or personalized chocolate serve as low-priced giveaways to make your visitors smile (which is probably the best reward). At events, concerts or festivals, Custom chocolate packaging can disperse your message to a very important target group. Easter chocolate bunnies, chocolate Christmas fathers, chocolate eggs or Christmas socks filled with milk chocolate are ideal rewards for your customers and employees alike. Offer a personalized little chocolate heart at your point of sale for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day and build an emotional connection between your visitors and your business. Give your most important business partners stylish metal boxes filled with mini-truffles and chocolates for Christmas. To score points with recipients, it is advisable to choose well-known brands for your advertising chocolate.

    At Urgent Packagings, you will find the best designs in the confectionery sector. Even when it comes to colors, we offer everything to you, in a custom chocolate box. From dark chocolate to milk chocolate or white, everything is possible .we can also handle the specific advertising printing requests. As part of a special production and custom made for our customers. And to attract the recipient of the chocolate box, but also ensure that it perceives your advertising message. We offer attractive finishes. You can choose an attractive chocolate advertisement in a solid packaging film on which your logo, a pattern, a photo or text can be printed. In digital or offset marking, or choose, for your most exclusive delicacies, an elegant boxes, an original box or a unique cardboard box on which you can engrave your advertisement. No matter what you choose, customizable chocolate packaging is the perfect advertising object!

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