Why Cardboard Boxes are Essential in 2020?

Why Cardboard Boxes are Popular

Cardboard boxes are a popular packaging that is actively used in various fields of industry. Currently, it is the most popular products for storage, transportation of goods for various purposes, which is due to the characteristics, operational properties and low cost of production.

A cardboard box is presented on favorable terms in a sufficient assortment to solve a wide range of tasks. Also custom packaging for cardboard production wholesale can be ordered taking into account personal requirements, characteristics of the goods and the estimated budget.

Modern packaging

Modern product packaging requirements need new solutions. One of them is cardboard boxes. Such products can simultaneously solve several problems and have an extensive list of advantages, among which are economic benefits.


Strengths of cardboard packaging:

  • increase the safety of goods during storage, transportation;
  • convenience and ease of use;
  • low cost, which reduces production costs;
  • the possibility of re-processing;
  • environmental friendliness, which makes cardboard a popular material for storing food and children’s goods;
  • ease of disposal;
  • Compact during storage – boxes in the unfolded form do not take up much space.

Cardboard boxes are a completely environmentally friendly product, so they are suitable for use with various types of cargo, in particular with food and baby products. The production of Cardboard Boxes For Packaging does not harm the environment. This is an undeniable advantage that allows you to store products that do not tolerate extraneous odors.

Despite its external simplicity, these are fairly reliable products for storing and transporting goods. Due to their design, they are able to withstand quite large loads with low weight. Cardboard containers are suitable for transporting glass cargo, as well as large household appliances, furniture and other products.

Due to its versatility, cardboard boxes are used in various fields of industry. They are great for transporting small and bulky goods to their destination, and are also actively used in the organization of office, apartment relocations. Such custom packaging is an excellent solution for long-term storage of goods in a warehouse, providing reliable protection of the goods from external influences.

Boxes – what the cost depends on

Urgent Packagings Provides cardboard packaging on favorable terms. The presence of our own production and extensive experience allows us to produce high quality goods on favorable terms.

To make a price for a cardboard box depends on several factors:

  • design features of a cardboard box;
  • type of cardboard, in particular, indicators of strength, stiffness, which depends on the number of layers of the base;
  • the amount of material used, which is affected by the dimensions of the structure;
  • Order volume – the larger the quantity, the lower the cost of each individual unit.

When ordering products, you should decide on the size, qualities that the box should have (strength indicators), design features. If necessary, the cardboard packaging is equipped with additional elements, such as liners, shock absorbers, shells, dividers and others.

The cost of production is calculated individually based on order data. Prices for the most common products are listed on the website. The price varies depending on the size of the order. The greater the number of units, the more profitable cooperation. To ask clarifying questions, to make an individual order, contact the company and you will receive comprehensive consultations taking into account your needs, budget and needs.

Shipping boxes

Transport packaging is a product that is used to deliver goods to their destination. Our Company presents such products in standard and non-standard versions.

The product range is quite extensive. This allows you to choose products to solve a specific problem.


Four-valve ducts – a universal solution for various needs

The design features of the box are reflected in the name itself – a four-valve box. This design consists of four valves from the bottom and top. The box itself is sealed sideways.

Boxes of four valves – a popular solution, due to the advantages of such products. Among them:

  1. Such boxes are able to withstand a fairly strong mechanical impact, allowing you to deliver the goods to their destination safe and sound.
  2. The low cost of cardboard packaging is a significant plus, which plays an important role in choosing packaging.
  3. Four-valve cardboard boxes are suitable for solving various problems. Often they are used to transport fragile products.
  4. The more layers of cardboard used in production, the higher the structural strength, but the cost will be greater. This allows you to choose the product for the individual needs of the client with the maximum ratio of cost and quality.
  5. Ease of use. Such a container is a collapsible design, it does not take up much space in the warehouse during storage. Boxes in the unfolded state are stacked on top of each other, so a minimum of space is required to store such products assembled.

Among the advantages of Cardboard Boxes For Packaging it is worth noting environmental friendliness. This is a completely safe material for humans and the environment, while cardboard boxes can be reused or recycled. Since there is no complete tightness in the cardboard container, this provides good ventilation during storage and transportation.

When ordering, you should determine the thickness of the walls and the dimensions of the box – this can be either a small box, low cheap,  or large containers for working with bulk goods.

Our company represents high-quality boxes in United States and around the world, for the order of which access to the Internet is enough. Cardboard Boxes For Packaging will be an excellent assistant not only for storage and transportation of various goods, but also make apartment or office moving more comfortable, safely preserving property, while not requiring significant material costs.

Storage and transportation of glass containers

Storage and transportation of glass containers requires special care. One push – and the goods will fly apart. Glass needs to be transported correctly, and for this there is a special product – cardboard boxes.

For the production of containers for glass, products of increased strength are most often used, and for the separation of fragile goods during transportation, special elements are used – cardboard dividers. This design ensures the safe storage and transportation of glass products, while it will cost inexpensively, unlike containers made from other materials – wood, plastic, etc.

Boxes for glass products are popular in the food industry; they have found use in the alcoholic beverage industry. They are used to deliver champagne, drinks, mineral water, juices, canned goods, etc. Often, such a need arises for the transport of medicines, cosmetics, chemicals and other goods.

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