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    Why Custom Business Cards Important ?

    A business card can be a powerful tool to heal one’s first impression. But let’s be honest, how many business cards did you get? Not a lot, is it? And with so many custom business cards received by your prospects (who did not leave a conference with a wallet filled with cards?), you need to stand out and be sure the people you are looking for remember your brand.

    Business Cards are our best sellers! Our standard cards, available at an unbeatable price , are simple, effective and resistant. They are made of robust paper, slightly thicker than the one used usually, which will allow them to make the difference from the grip. You also have the choice of different finishes: matte, writable, glossy or Soft-Touch, and also one-sided or two-sided printing, all to provide you with the best business cards, tailored to your needs.

    These business cards are printed on Cardboard sheet with a glossy, matte or soft touch coating layer. Laminating is an extra layer of protection that ensures the longevity of your business cards. It will be resistant to stains and scratches. Easily order your business cards and contact us to choose the most optimal solution!

    Which Custom Shaped business card format is best for you?

    Custom Shaped Business Cards are an excellent promotional support when you plan to expand your network. As they contain, in most cases, the name of your company, your name and contact information. Plus, they are lightweight and can be kept safe in a pocket or wallet until they are distributed to your prospects.

    There are different types of custom shaped business cards that are commonly used such as discussed below. The standard business card is the most used, measuring 88 x 55 mm. It offers a space for a minimalist design coupled with a text that will be short but precise as well as your name and contact information.

    The double portrait business card, however, measures 55 x 88 mm and is folded so that you get two pages, which gives you more creativity and content. It has enough space for you to include a meaningful and inspiring message about yourself or your business that can reach your partners or potential customers.

    Which type of personalized business cards should you choose?

    Some professionals choose the finishes that best represent them! Personalized Business Cards with a beaded finish offer a slightly shiny pearly appearance that gives a beautiful effect to your cards when you switch them to light. Printed on standard but strong paper, they will highlight your business and coordinate.

    The colorful slice business cards are designed with incredible technology that combines multiple layers of thick paper. Magic happens on the middle layer where bright colors are combined to create totally unique multi-layer business cards. Play with colors and lamination to create a luxury product that is solid to the touch and intriguing due to its high quality.

    While discussing the different types of the business cards let’s not forget the letter press cards and how they are made.

    What makes Custom Business Cards Printing special?

    Custom Business Cards prints have a special feel when you hold them in the embossed letters. Letterpress printing can even be done without ink because its embossed texture is sufficient. This allows to create a clean and simple typography, pleasant for the eyes and to the touch.

    How to Design Letterpress Business Cards

    Making a letterpress card is very easy. That said, there are some things you should always keep in mind, however, to get the best results.

    Do not make shades: Do not try to create different shades of the ink you use. If you want a less dense look, you can use, for example, a halftone pattern.

    Reduce color: When using this technique, you must print each color individually against the CMYK color code. You should also avoid overlaying colors as this may make your drawing inconsistent. Try to stay on 3 colors maximum.

    Pay particular attention to the resolution: Small details may not appear clearly during the printing process because different printers have different tolerances. In addition, avoid fonts that are too small, as they may be erased during the process and may not be in the final design of the printed product.

    What can we offer you?

    At Urgent Packagings, we offer two types of custom shaped business cards  for high-end rendering, tailored to your business and your needs:

    Best card stock Business Cards: Made entirely of best card stock, these Letterpress Business Cards offer a soft, palpable surface. Available in off-white, you will be able to print all of your visual on a neutral surface.

    Best Color printing for Business Cards: Alternatively, these personalized business cards give an extra visible and tangible dimension that will surely leave a lasting impression to your customers. Choose from the cold white and white colors according to your design.

    Pantone color printing gives your custom shaped business cards a more professional look, and will surprise your prospects with that quality and impeccable tone. Pantone ink has no equal in terms of accuracy and color quality, and we offer you these custom business cards printing at the best price! Order your Pantone business cards with free shipping with us online. Do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter difficulties during your order.

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    Finally, you can also choose the double landscape business cards with free shipping, which, like double portrait business cards, has two sides but oriented in landscape format. Their horizontal orientation allows them to conveniently delivered and  adapt to longer texts. which you can use to present the products and services offered by your brand.Moreover, offers FREE shipping around the globe. Our standard turnaround is 10-12 Business Days with FREE shipping. We also offer Rush Services with 6-8 Business Days plan where up to 25% expedite may be applicable.

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