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Custom Bookmarks

Promote your business or your book with custom bookmarks, in a small space you can insert the logo, dates and times of the event. Excellent as a reminder and above all remain over time. There are no print limits, you can print the quantity you need. If you are in a hurry you can select the option of rush job and the package will be deliver to you in fastest possible time.

Bookmark Printing

You can get a nice custom bookmark printing with a choice of rectangular or rounded shapes. Perhaps in the shape of a pencil to be customized on both sides. Download the template among those proposed and create the graphics you like best, you will receive the bookmark directly at home with the quantities and times you want.
Embossed or plastic-coated papers will make your bookmark unique and immediately recognizable, ideal for a very economical and functional gift.
If you don’t have clear ideas or have some doubts about the final result, ask to see a sample.

Are you looking for an agile and light tool to let customers remember you? The personalized Urgent Packagings bookmark is for you, both as a souvenir and a gift.

The most suitable personalized bookmarks for you

Thanks to the wide possibility of customization, with Urgent Packagings you can build the perfect online bookmarks to promote for your business.


You can choose the most suitable material to represent your brand. If you want long-lasting paper bookmarks, the classic matte-coated demi-matt and the glossy gloss are the ideal. To print instead of luxury bookmarks, Rembrandt watercolor stucco and Turner Tintoretto plaster are for the case. You can however choose between different types of papers.

Ways to get the unique bookmark printing 

You can decide to print both on front and back and front only. The two sides can be identical or different, depending on your preference. You can select the bookmarks style whether you like it with colorful tussles

Use contexts for the personalized bookmark

Bookmarks can also be used as business cards: you can impress your customers by providing your contact details in an innovative way. By keeping bookmarks near the checkout in your store and at trade shows, you can conveniently leave your address with each of the buyers. Furthermore, you can use them as a tool to promote your brand and have your customers remember you easily.

Products to combine with online bookmarks

You can combine bookmarks with our books and diaries. If you want to promote your brand with other light and fast forms, consult our flyers.

Bookmarks are a useful and practical product to print as you like. With Urgent Packagings you can free creativity and imagination, printing your idea and creating personalized bookmarks of all types and needs.
Colored or in black and white, classic or particularly showy, simple or more elaborate, the bookmarks to be printed can satisfy all tastes. And for this reason they are a perfect to give your friends, relatives and colleagues or to keep for oneself.

From the format to the type of paper, without forgetting the weight: on our online typography – once the file is loaded – you can select different features for your bookmark, customizing it in every detail and making it truly unique.
With Urgent Packagings you can opt for example for glossy coated paper , perfect if you don’t want your bookmarks to go unnoticed, the Extra white , with a high degree of whiteness and a smooth and velvety surface, or gypsum dye , made of pure cellulose and rough to the touch.
For the weight of your personalized bookmark, instead, the choice is between 160 or 300 gr., while for the print option you can choose between single-sided or front-back.
What are the two most used formats for printing bookmarks? They are the one 5.5 x 14.8 cm. and that 5.5 x 21 cm., but you can also decide to customize it , specifying a base between 4 and 19.6 cm. and a height of between 4 and 28.6 cm, including abundance.
Save all preferences, you can go to the next step and determine how many pieces you want to receive.

 Original Personalized bookmarks, are always appreciated Thought

If you prefer to evaluate the different types of paper before continuing with your order, remember to visit the relevant store/page section. Where we have uploaded images to offer you a complete and detailed presentation with all the materials and processing methods available to you.

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