How To Design Attractive Gift Boxes For 2020

Create the wow effect with a gift box!

Opt for an advertising Custom box with logo to sublimate all your products to offer. Do not underestimate the appeal of gift packaging. Indeed, the first glance must arouse the desire to unpack and discover the content. For this, choose a gift packaging or product packaging with an attractive visual and various information such as your brand and your logo. Because if the effect so hoped does not trigger, the surprise will be all the worse. So do not skimp on efficiency: your customers and partners are well worth it!

Gift Packaging Boxes

Bet on a gift box with handle: design & practice!

Opt for an original gift packaging, 100% customize-able and take everywhere. For your customer gifts or corporate gifts, discover our different models of boxes including a handle. Indeed, this type of advertising packaging will allow you to transport all types of products: clothing, textile accessories, already packaged food products, samples of cosmetics, wellness products or hair care, decorative objects, promotional goodies and many more. And this in the context of gifts, for end-of-year parties, works councils, business gifts, new product launches, marketing operations and celebrations of events related to the business world (projects completed, objectives achieved.

gift bag with handle

In addition to allowing you to stand out from the crowd, these customized gift boxes will capture all eyes and showcase your product as much as your business. For this, print a packaging with your logo, visual, company name and other advertising slogans to identify you and dissociate you from the competition. For this purpose, this elegant box is made from cardboard SBS 360g and offers you a handle to capture and transport in a simple and effective way its content. Equipped with a good grip, this box will secure the products included various hazards of weather and transport. No more problems in the shopping malls, on the public transport, in the ambient crowd … in addition to protecting the merchandise, it will offer you maximum visibility!

Handle boxes available in many formats

Create a surprise effect for your customers with personalized cardboard boxes! For this, you need a unique advertising packaging that meets your expectations. That’s why our online printing shop offers gift boxes with handle sizes: 100 x 70 mm, 120 x 90 mm, 145 x 120 mm, 150 x 150 mm, 185 x 150 mm and 185 x 185 mm.

custom gift boxes

The entire surface of your advertising packaging being customize-able, for even more effects, we advise you to include a matt or glossy film coating to your advertising packaging. This is also delivered flat, folded and pre-glued for ease of shipping, transport and storage. It also offers a swallowtail bottom to ensure ease and speed of assembly. So do not hesitate: combine today saving time and customer satisfaction.